Wordfence, why we use it & why you should too.

Wordfence’s major features are a web application firewall and a malware detector. It detects and prevents malicious traffic as well as requests with suspicious code and content. The firewall cannot leak data or be circumvented because it is powered by your server.

By limiting login attempts, the login security feature protects your site from DDoS attacks. In addition to two-factor authentication, Wordfence features a fail-safe mechanism that prevents administrators from logging in with hacked credentials.

Wordfence Central is another useful tool that allows you to manage the security settings of many WordPress sites in one place. When a critical problem occurs, configure the plugin to send notifications over multiple channels.

Wordfence is available in both free and paid editions. Advanced capabilities such as country-level blocking, real-time IP blocklist, and premium assistance are available with Wordfence Premium. Wordfence Premium costs $99 per year/license for one website, with discounts available if you purchase it for several sites or years.